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Let’s be clear. Eleventh Fort doesn’t have a brewery of its own. That basically means we produce beer at someone else’s brewery. This sort of practice is often called a gypsy or contract brewing. Though these two terms are usually considered the same thing, we think (as well as some others) there’s a difference. We’re more like gypsy brewers than contract brewers. We  move around looking for breweries who can fit us in, and making use of their equipment to brew our own beer. We even bring ingredients and equipment ourselves if needed. On the other hand, contract brewers can just put their label on the beer they order the brewery to make. There’s nothing wrong with either approach. As far as we know, you can build your own brewery too if you so choose! (could be a little difficult though in Thailand). Our goal is to open a brewery from the start. We want our own space and full control of the process. Unfortunately, we aren’t ready for that yet. So, we stick with what we can for now. In fact, working and building a relationship with breweries who share a passion for quality and product development has been a great joy to and rewarding experience for us.

Our Black IPA on the bottling line

The story of Eleventh Fort

Back in 2013, when craft beers were still hard to find, at a certain bar in Bangkok, Pon told Palm about the craft beer experience he had in the US. Sitting there drinking American ales, the two realized that Thailand definitely deserved more choices other than typical lagers. They started to look for ways to source ingredients and equipment. Soon after that, in a condo, beer was brewed and the pursuit of quality beers began.


In 2015, the two decided to test the market by releasing their homebrewed IPA and Eleventh Fort Brewing was founded. By then both of them had moved to a new place to brew. This place is located in Samutprakan province. They wanted a name that reflects where the beer is brewed. Samut means ocean, Prakan means fort. Through a quick research, there were ten forts (some still exist), so they decided to become the eleventh one, hence the Eleventh Fort. Some may argue there were more than ten forts but who cares. The name sticks now.


Before we jumped into the commercial beer scene, we were producing underground beer in small batches and distributed them through our trusted channels. Soon the demand outgrew our capacity, so, to keep up with it, we had to look for capacity elsewhere. And the search for breweries began.


Eleventh Fort is still young. We never stop our R&D. We still keep the recipe design process and test batch here in Samutprakan. We are committed to brewing great beer - beer that results from our creativity, love, and hard work. Today, Eleventh Fort is thankful for the relationship it shares with customers, importers, distributors, serious bars and restaurants, and is proud to have a growing fan base worldwide.

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